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During my holidays, on a lovely sunny morning, while sitting on the terrace of Vaszary Villa, I was admiring the new park and wondered how much my hometown had developed in the last couple of years.  Sipping my green tea, I was waiting for the arrival of my friend. He is the one with whom we made friends in the local scouting team, and with whom we usually meet in one of the coffee shops in Füred to discuss our business affairs.

Vaszary Villa

Vaszary Villa

Beside sharing our ideas and experiences, we talk a lot about the importance of creating new jobs in Hungary, by not concentrating only on tourism and shared service centres. This is also valid for Balatonfüred, where for several decades; people were able to make their living from only tourism and catering industries. However, over the last 10-12 years people realised that this golden age was over for good and new ways had to be found for the future. At that time there were many of us, including me and my friends, who created the idea of building R&D centres around Lake Balaton since we have got everything here for a relaxed working environment.

Then, when I was coming back from the beach on my bike the other day, on my way to my wife’s house, I happened to notice that  a huge sign had been put on the wall of the newly built house on the corner. The sign read as follows: AdWare Research. Being a good businessman, I searched for the company name on the internet and browsing the homepage, I at once learnt that the company itself was not so young at all, as it had been formed 13 years ago. Well, the solution always lies before our eyes… While we wondered how great it would be to launch R&D activities in Balatonfüred, some other people had actually done it.

Adware Research

Adware Research

This new discovery was confirmed when I recalled my previous conversation with István Bóka, The Mayor of Balatonfüred, in Café Parliament, who had mentioned to me that there was not only one R&Đ company in Balatonfüred but actually two newly formed clusters, which were also communicated on the web page of the town.

After all these, I was not too shy to ask for a date as I was curious to know more,  and I also wanted  to gain a new client in the region, as it is not so  easy to find good R&D professionals, so they might need some help in the future.

Anikó Cserny, the marketing manager of the company, called me back on the same day, whom I know through a friend of mine, and we fixed a date. The next day in the heat, I walked to the newly built office, which had a very nice family like atmosphere, where László Rák (Röki), the Scientific Director, had been waiting for me, whom I also know by sight.

In my brief introduction I told him that we had had two big global clients in the Balaton region but we were looking for cooperation not only with multinational companies, since it was more important to us to be the exclusive HR solution and service providers of a company, which is also the key to strategic partnership.

After this Röki introduced Adware Research to me.

He told me that Adware Research is actually the member of Pharmagora Cluster, which had been formed in 2007 with 21 members.

„The most promising current running projects of the Cluster aim at such innovative areas as functional food products, nutritional supplements, drug combinations, corresponding instrument developments and clinical data management, bio statistics and comprehensive, rigorous quality assurance”,  as it goes on the website of the cluster.

Adware Research was formed earlier in 1997, as I have already referred to it, and its main activities are data management, bio-statistics and beside all these they provide quality management services and audits.

One of their main products is the Mythos System, which is a clinical data management system, based on Oracle® database platform.

Adware Research works for Hungarian and multinational companies such as Sanofi-Aventis, Richter and Novartis, just to mention the most well known names, but they also provide bio-statistical data management services for the local Hospital for Cardiology.

Answering my question, Röki told me that at the moment they are 12 and would like to grow up to 20. They intend to find the required human resources locally, who are mainly fresh graduates with outstanding IT skills. Naturally, strong verbal and written English is also essential for the work. I was also told that nowadays it is not easy to find a bio-statistician at all, so this might be a search in the future where we can help if they don’t find anyone locally.

I also found out that they would like to get new clients mainly in Western Europe, since they are very lucky to be able to create high quality for a very competitive price.

I thanked Röki for the meeting and drank the last gulp of my Kékkúti mineral water and I headed for the neighbourhood again, in the heat. On my way back I said to myself that ‘I will not miss the beach today, either.’ But before putting my outfit together I sat down with a glass of white wine (Csopaki Rizling) and I was happy to see so many promising signs in my hometown, since they do not only build new shopping centres, five-star hotels, cafés and museums, but the seed of a new Hungarian R&D region is also sought. It will be worth watching Balatonfüred from now on from this point of view as well, as R&D is the strategic sector that pulls Hungary out of the economic crisis and not the shared service centres.

Find the Hungarian version here: http://wp.me/p98GA-10i


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