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Mr. Peter Smulovics studied Technical Informatics, Business Telecommunication, Software Techniques and Specification and Financial Informatics, had his thesis about Increasing Efficiency of Multi Protocol Label. Switching Routing Algorithms using Simulated AnnealingEnterprise Templates and Domain Specific Languages – Enabling Modification of Visual Studio.NET IDEs to Comply with Company Standards and to Enhance Developer Productivity  and Object-Relational Mapping in .NET 1.0.

Smulovics Péter

Smulovics Péter

He is a publicist for IDG and for Architecture Journal; author and co-author of several books about OLAP, Mobile Architectures, IDEs, Frontend development, 4th and 5th generation languages, etc.; a returning presenter on TechEd, DevDays, Techready, Agile DevCon, TechNet etc.

He is a founder member of AgileAlliance, Architecture Forum, Architect Academy and .NET forum, Technical Lead on several OSS projects like Novell/JBoss’ Hibernate, Apache Velocity and similar. He is Microsoft, Ariba, JBoss, SiteCore, etc. certified and also a trainer on several technologies.

He has been working in IT since 1995, has project experience in vast majority in fields (FMCG, public, financial, energy, telecom, pharmaceutical, mobile, music, security). He worked as Oracle DBA at Compaq, Lead Software Design Engineer at Microsoft (working on Dynamics, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Office, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Azure, etc), Lead Developer for Intesa Sanpaolo’s Account Management System, Lead Developer for Vodafone for their Invoicing System, Lead Developer with Deutsche Telekom’s local branch (Telekom Hungary) on ontologies, RDF, SPARQL etc. for their Digital Asset Management solution, etc.

He is currently Vice President of Cross Technology Services, Enterprise Application Infrastructure and Morgan Stanley Desktop at Morgan Stanley.

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