Adecco IT Academy – Press release

Adecco IT Academy, opening presentation, 8 November 2011

Press release

There was a huge interest for the opening presentation of the Adecco IT Academy held on 8th November 2011, in the headquarters of Adecco, the Atrium Park office buildings.

Zsuzsa Fulop, head of recruitment branch of Adecco Hungary emphasized in her opening speech that this initiative is unique and forward moving on the Hungarian market. The event is exclusive, as it creates a forum for the best IT professionals for professional discussions. Zsuzsa Fulop said that only those survive on the HR consultant market, who commit themselves to quality consultancy based on professional work and also provide services with serious value added. The Adecco IT Academy is not only showing onward, but it also aims to be an event series creating value.

Presenter of the opening presentation, Peter Smulovics from Morgan Stanley, spoke about some of the basic mechanisms of the solutions used by the global bank. Smulovics discussed a wide range of areas, including the impact that high speed trading is having on IT development, Morgan Stanley’s views on cloud and grid strategies and how IT is a key competitive advantage for the Firm.  The presentation was well received by the audience and prompted so many questions and discussion points that the session had to be extended by 2 hours.

On the Adecco IT Academy even more ‘workshop secrets’ were mentioned, that generated several questions and various times vivid discussions, that Laszlo Spiller, leading consultant of Adecco Hungary evaluated in his closing speech saying ‘they have received what they were expecting’ and that in February 2012 there will definitely be continuation of the initiative of Adecco Hungary. “So many of our partners indicated that they would like to send presenters to the Adecco IT Academy sessions, that we had to establish a waitlist and the situation is the same with those wanting to participate on the events.” – said Spiller.

After the presentation the winner of the career consultancy offered by Adecco Hungary was drawn, and the official program was followed by reception and interactive discussions with Adecco’s consultants.

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