Test Environment Administrator

Our global partner, a leading financial services company, is looking for a

Test Environment Administrator

who will be responsible for customer projects in the banking sector.

The job:

  • Understand and follow established company’s testing environment maintenance processes and practices.
  • Build, know, document and maintain testing environments according to the current policies and procedures.
  • Know relevant company’s products and components and their testing environments.
  • If required, coordinate test environment construction and maintenance activities, both locally and remotely.
  • Perform automation of the maintenance activities where required.
  • Document and report test maintenance activities and evidences.
  • Collaborate and cooperate with testers as well as other Test Administrators and other departments in all work-related activities.
  • Ensure Test System application integrity and operability (incl. Information protection and security).
  • Contribute to development and documentation of policies, procedures and best practices for test environment maintenance
  • Conduct internal trainings for the testing team and other departments’ members about testing environments’ composition, specifics, maintenance practices etc as requested by the immediate superior
  • Fulfill other project delivery and test environment maintenance related duties as assigned by the immediate superior.

The requirements:

  • BSc degree in IT or equivalent experince.
  • Strong communication skills in English.
  • Strong skills administering Windows based applications including IIS, Windows application maintenance, Windows services, Event log checking.
  • Strong skills administering SQL Server 2005 & 2008 Management, Design, Database Architecture / Security.
  • Knowledge of Classic ASP.
  • Knowledge of Tomcat.
  • Strong analytical/critical thinking skills.
  • Strong planning and time-management skills.
  • Ability and readiness to work in nationally and geographically diversified teams.
  • Complex thinking in IT and business related processes.


  • IT / Telecom manager
  • Tester / Test engineer
  • System admnistrator


  • Budapest, Hungary.

How to apply:

  • If you are interested in the position, please send your CV to our IT expert, László Spiller, executive consultant: laszlo.spiller@adecco.com
  • or call +36 30 981 0403.

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