Architect/Lead Developer (J2EE, Ireland)

In the framework of our International Mobility Program we are looking for

Architects/Lead Developers (J2EE)

who will work as part of a feature team, developing in a full agile process using Scrum methodology. Our partner is a telecom company based in Ireland.

The job:

  • The job will involve leading a team of Java Developers building Scalable, highly-available Management features for 3G and 4G Networks.
  • Working in an Agile manner, you will drive the implementation of customer features using Java EE.

The requirements:

  • Very strong communication skills in English.
  • Very good hands-on knowledge of JEE environment (at least JEE5. JEE6 is preferred).
  • Hands-on experience with EJB 3.x (SLSB, MDB, SFSB) and JMS in general.
  • Practical knowledge of best coding/design practices and patterns, optimizations, scaling and clustering.
  • Hands-on experience with clustering in JEE environments, HA, replication and scale-out of backend JEE components.
  • Hands-on experience with at least one major JEE application server is required (JBoss is an advantage). Basic configuration and administration, deployment and optimization.
  • Experience with distributed caching (Coherence, Infinispan) and other NoSQL systems.
  • Experience with REST and/or SOA.
  • Experience with workflow engines and business rules engines/CEP engines.
  • Knowledge of JMX, RMI, JCA, JPA, JTA, SQL, JEE security.
  • Knowledge of web GUI technologies (especially GWT) would be considered an advantage.
  • Basic Linux/Unix knowledge.


  • IT / Telecom
  • IT developer
  • IT architect


  • Ireland

How to apply:

  • If you are interested in the position, please send your CV to our IT expert, László Spiller, executive consultant:
  • or call +36 30 981 0403.

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