Agenda of Adecco IT Academy 8

The main theme of the event is IT security, more detailed agenda can be found below.

The date of the event is: 5th May 2016, Thursday.

Place of event: Hotel Marriott Courtyard**** Budapest, József krt. 5, 1088

Detailed agenda:

16.45-17.20: Registration
17.20-17.30: Adecco’s greeting, László Spiller
17:30-18.15: Tamás Szakály/ Balázs Kőmíves, PR-AUDIT Kft. – Social Engineering techniques as attack vectors
18.15-18.25: Questions, short pause
18.25-18.55: Róbert Gélák, ISACA Magyarországi Egyesület – Cybersecurity panorama
18.55 -19.05 ISACA Magyarországi Egyesület introduction
19:05-19.10: Introduction of our supporter and prize draw
19.00-19.30: Mini jobfair and relationship building with Adecco’s specialists

A lucky IT Academy member will have the chance to win a pair of Wrangler jeans and a T-shirt/shirt at the end of the event that is provided by our supporter.

We expect your participation to our exclusive, trendsetting conference.

This event is free of charge, but registration is mandatory, which can be done on the following address:

More details:


Twitter: @adeccoitacademy

LinkedIn: Adecco IT Academy



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