New momentum for Adecco IT Academy

I was honored to welcome the 100 participant of the Adecco IT Academy 8 as the host of the evening on 5th May. The event was co-organized with ISACA and took place in Hotel Marriott Courtyard in Budapest.

I emphasized in my welcome speech that in the history of Adecco IT Academy there have never been as many visitors as in this year, and that was already known regarding the number of previously registered people. This clearly shows that our event is not just evolving and helping the self-training of IT professionals, but it also provides a great opportunity for professional networking.

I mentioned that after the great lecturers of previous years such as Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, EMC, Prezi, Ericsson and Accenture, this year we had the opportunity to collaborate with a serious technical organization, ISACA. I believe that this gave new life to Adecco IT Academy and I hope because of that we can outperform ourselves in the future.

The program of the event was very colorful as it contained many presentations.

At first Dr. Linda Vízi introduced the Hungarian Organization of ISACA to the visitors. It was followed with two technical presentations, one by Tamás Szakály from PR-AUDIT Kft. was about the cyber attack against Sony and the other by Róbert Gélák from ISACA provided a cyber security panorama.

After the presentations we gave an opportunity for questions and professional argument. The Adecco IT Academy „members” took this opportunity, because a half an hour bate formed itself where I had to run up and down with the microphone to hear everyone’s thoughts and opinion.

Our supporter, Wrangler also introduced itself after the professional argument as Zsuzsa Gál from Jeans Shops Hungary Kft. Presented a few words about the history of the brand and there was a price draw which was provided by them.

As the closure of the evening we held a mini job fair which was perfect to contact the lecturers and the consultants of Adecco informally. Adecco introduced its latest carrier opportunities with the Adecco Jobs in Hungary mobile application.

The presentations of Adecco IT Academy 8 and the networking afterwards were recorded by a professional shooting crew. In a couple of days a short movie and a professional article of the evening will appear.

Laszlo Spiller, Executive Consultant, Adecco

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Twitter: @adeccoitacademy

LinkedIn Group: Adecco IT Academy

Meetup Group: Adecco IT Academy



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