Career management for IT professionals 1.

In 2007, after acquiring ten years of software development experience I decided to continue my career in consultancy and business. I was looking for an opportunity where I can combine my work experience with my interest for human resources management and business, and where I can intensively use English language. My MBA studies only confirmed my decision to become a consultant, what is more a so called “expert consultant” who not only knows the IT job market in the world, but who also gained several years of international experience as a software developer. Since then, I have conducted thousands of interviews with candidates from different levels of expertise and area in the IT world and I am currently working as an Executive Consultant of the Adecco Group and as the Professional Coordinator of the IT Division.

And of course, I actively and successfully took part in business development and finding new partners, which gave me the opportunity to come into contact with hundreds of decision-maker. Beyond making new connections, what I consider to be the greatest achievement is that I managed to place IT professional at large international firms such as Morgan Stanley, IBM, UPC, Accenture, Continental, Ericsson and SAPA, just to mention only the ones that wrote public recommendations about me on LinkedIn.

Beside successful business development and serving partners my greatest experience was that I held seminars and gave lectures for young IT professionals in institutions such as the Dennis Gabor College, King Sigismund College, Budapest University of Technology, University of Pannonia, the Széchenyi István High School of Hatvan, the Corvinus University of Budapest, Miskolc University and the College of Kecskemét GAMF faculty.

This series of articles, actually just starting, is the summary of my 10 years of experience in IT recruitment, as well as the fulfilment of my mission, which I, as a consultant at the beginning of my career, formulated in my blog as follows:

“My goal is to help talented IT professionals in finding their dream job and help companies finding valuable human resources.”

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