Adecco IT Academy 9 – Gamification and eLearning in focus on the 5th anniversary

One of the most popular ruin pubs of Budapest, Ankert, hosted Adecco IT Academy 9, the topic of which was Gamification and eLearning. The event took place on November 17th with more than 100 participants and 4 speakers from big names such as SAP, Prezi, Roche and Netcogame. The presenters discussed the latest enterprise level gamification and eLearning solutions, as well as their application in IT recruitment. 

Laszlo Spiller, executive consultant of Adecco Hungary, emphasised in his welcome speech that the goals of Adecco IT Academy, which are self-education and networking, did not change in the last 5 years but the organisers always tried to bring in some new elements, a new topic or a new partner. This time the place itself, Ankert, one of the most popular ruin pubs of Budapest was new, too. The number of presenters was also increased to 4 and the scenario of the whole meetup was more dynamic. There were more questions than ever during the round table talk that concluded the presentations.

The first speaker, Andrei Damsa from Netcogame, focused on innovative gamification solutions in IT recruitment, which was followed by Gábor Hoffer from Prezi, who analysed the philosophy of gamification, game thinking, design thinking and design communication. The third presentation by Andrey Sylka from Roche, concentrated on gamification in learning and business, which was followed by Attila Farago from SAP who spoke about enterprise level gamification and eLearning solutions.

The whole show was live on Facebook and the video is still available for those who were not able to attend the event. Adecco IT Academy 9 concluded with some glasses of beers and personal networking where Adecco colleagues had the opportunity to talk with their active and potential candidates and partners.



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