Adecco IT Academy 10 – Robotics

Dear future Adecco IT Academy participants,

We would like to invite you with much love to the 10th Adecco IT Academy.

The main topic of the conference will be Robotics, the detailed program is below.

Date of the event: Thursday, May 11th 2017, 18:00

Place: Ankert, Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 33, 1061

The presentations of the event:

1. Takács Árpád, Óbuda University Bejczy Antal iRobottechnikai Center

Robots in our daily lives, our future robots

– Evolution of robotics
– Today’s definition of robots
– Artificial intelligence
– Industrial robots
– Surgical robotics
– Self-driving cars

2. Aron Tanos, Robot Builders Association of Hungary

Robot construction at home XXI. century

– The most common types of robots
– Robot building methodologies
– Tools for robotics
– Manufactory and small series production
– Pitfalls and traps

During the event, prizes will be drawn among the participants.

The event is free but registration is needed, which you can send to the following email address:

Please enter the following in the subject field:
“Adecco IT Academy Registration”

We count on your participation at our exclusive and trendsetting conference.

More details:


Twitter: @adeccoitacademy

LinkedIn: Adecco IT Academy



The Team of Adecco IT Academy


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