Senior System Analyst

The Adecco Group, the world’s leading provider of HR solutions, is looking for a

Senior System Analyst

professional for its partner operating in the banking sector.

The offer:

  • Career in a leading international banking group, built on the diversity of its strong local roots.
  • Dynamic and challenging environment, full with growing opportunities.
  • Enhance knowledge and skills, setting solid foundations for a professional development in the area of financial industry.

The job:

  • First of all we expect that the SENIOR SYSTEM ANALYST is the main responsible person to translate the business requirements for the development team related to a specific products and supportsproject teams from technical point of view. This requires to understand the existing product portfolio of the unit. We expect from the candidate to work together with the projects related to digital channels of CEE.
  • Translate the technical aspects of the business requirements into technical specifications including:
  • Preparation of technical specification documents (written in English, comply with standards)
  • Definition of business logic, domain modelling, UML modelling.
  • Ensure the compliance of internal and external rules and processes of Technical Analysis.
  • All work to be completed in accordance with the procedures and standards in the designated tools.
  • Working together with the project team and coordinate our unit’s development activities to support the delivery.
  • Working with 3rd party providers and review vendor’s specifications.
  • Contact with cross functional teams.
  • Performing functional testing of our team’s delivery and supporting System integration and Business acceptance test.
  • Analyzing production incidents for our products.

The requirements:

  • Web services and XML technologies.
  • Basic understanding of Java language or work experience with Java developers.
  • SQL, Database related knowledge.
  • Expertise in designing Application with web service based communication.
  • Ability to support and coordinate developers during the implementation.
  • At least 5 years of job experience.
  • Knowledge of production environment support and system topography.
  • Fluent English (ability to drive conversation with the customer; ability to negotiate)
  • Analytical and structured way of thinking, with multitasking personality.
  • Flexibility and interpersonal skills and capacity for team work.
  • Motivation to learn and grow.

Location: Budapest

If you are interested in the position, please send your CV to our IT expert, László Spiller, executive consultant: or call +36 30 291 3089.

Watch this video for more details:


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