IT Linguist and Developer

The Adecco Group, the world’s leading provider of HR solutions, is looking for an

IT Linguist and Developer

professional for its partner operating in the banking and finance sector.

The group is specialised in distributed systems development. They have various challenges which require unique knowledge on language sciences. If you are an open minded scientist in the field of linguistics, we will give you world class challenges. An ideal candidate knows the background theory, and a rock star who is passionate to create a new language which is both understandable for machines and for humans. If you want to be part of the innovation research team, then please apply.

The offer:

  • Cutting-edge hiring and onboarding.
  • Easy-to-start reading, listening and watching materials.
  • Gamification based processes.
  • Open source software applications.
  • Free and practice-based methodologies.
  • Access to cutting edge technologies.
  • High performance equipment.

The job:

  • Conduct and manage independent researches.
  • Carry out linguistic and semantic research independently and jointly.
  • Integrate linguistic solutions and ideas into existing platforms.
  • Semantic, linguistic adjustment of products for perfect operations.
  • Examine and validate language problems in product development.

The requirements:

  • High desire and ability to solve a problem.
  • Goal-oriented thinking.
  • Passion for natural language semantics.
  • High motivation to discover new semantic methods.
  • Significant research and methodological experience.
  • Higher degree and background in information theory.
  • Significant mathematical background.
  • Out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Ask questions that Google cannot answer.
  • Independent research work on the basis of target definitions.
  • Good command of English.

Location: Budapest

If you are interested in the position, please send your CV to our IT expert, László Adrián Spiller, executive consultant: or call +36 30 291 3089.

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