Scrum Master

It’s time for banking to change!

Join us as we build the bank of the future. Three Hungarian banks join forces today to build one of the first all-digital consumer banks in Hungary and in the region and it is no small task. We are building a bank where people love to work, is built on relationships, growth and impact.

In MBH (Magyar Bankholding) we combine the best of the banking world with the best of the tech world to build an all-digital bank. We cultivate a culture of low ego and set a high bar for excellence. We believe in a flat organization by communicating in ways that build trust, operating with transparency, and having one another’s back.

We recognize the contributions of individuals and celebrate wins as a team. What we all have in common is a mission that starts with heart, and a desire to work together to create something of lasting value and personal impact for Hungary and for our region.

If you’re looking to make a lasting impact and help us build a revolutionary product – we want to hear from you. 

Your challenge

As a Scrum Master (SM) at MBH we see you as the guardian of the squad’s success and development. We’re looking for an SM who can pinpoint anything that could affect the squad’s efficiency and eliminate that challenge. We think the best candidate would do it by coaching and developing agile and lean principles to the squad members individually or as a team. You’ll love this job if Your priority is to help autonomous teams reach their goals using the best tools in your sleeves.

We are building complex banking products in a challenging environment and we need someone who has the guts to stand up for the team even against the team.

What you want to do

  • Strengthen and put in action the agile principles: coach squad members on the agile way of working, principles, and techniques, guide them to keep agreed organizational methods, continuously support the team to develop best practices
  • Facilitate agreed team events, including (where applicable) daily stand-ups, sprint planning, reviews, and retros.
  • Help the team to become autonomous and aligned by themselves.
  • Identify problems, impediments, dependencies or other dysfunctions of the team, and facilitate their quick resolution, reach out to the wider company if needed.
  • Protect the squad from the uncontrolled expansion of work, or unexpected scope changes.
  • Continuously monitor the squad’s performance and administrate the necessary information in JIRA and Confluence.
  • Maintain and develop relevant metrics to provide organizational visibility and help the teams see how well they are performing.
  • Increase agile maturity and support the creation of an agile culture.
  • Be part of the agile transformation group and co-operate with leaders and other SMs to improve the whole organization.
  • Resolve the conflicts between team members and other stakeholders to provide a nurturing community.

Who you are

You have in-depth Domain Expertise

  • Business and IT agility.
  • Previous working experience (2+ years) in a Scrum Master role.
  • We are happy if you have SCRUM training or certificate.
  • Domain expertise in banking is an advantage.

You have significant Agile/Digital Experience

  • Sound knowledge of agile methodologies and different frameworks.
  • Experience with agile transformations and supporting newly launched Squads or teams.
  • Strong facilitator skills and experience (agile ceremonies, synchronization, and decision-making forums) so you can drive relevant ceremonies, support and mentor the organization during preparations.
  • Experience with transformation from waterfall to agile methodology.
  • Experience with Agile work management tools (e.g. Jira, Confluence, Slack, Figma, etc.)

You are strong in some key Individual Skills

  • Exceptional problem solving, communication and „people management” skills (conflict resolving, empathy, patience)
  • Experience in presenting and resolving issues with the team, highlighting problems, and bringing transparency to the table.
  • Ability to mentor and develop the leaders, team members.
  • Strong visual facilitation and virtual collaboration skills are a definite plus.
  • Organizing and administrative skills, ability to coordinate multiple teams at the same time.
  • Proficient English, comfortable speaking with internationals and working in bilingual.

You have the right Mindset to learn and develop

  • Value and customer centric mindset.
  • Transparent and collaborative even when working under pressure, which is reflected in your behaviour and is spread across the organization.
  • Support the learning from failures, encourages continuous development.

Our Values

We have worked extremely hard to build a talented, diverse, and inclusive team. As an organization, we perform within a set of core values that inform both our priorities and the way we work together.

  • Embrace the difficult path – We think beyond shortcuts and invest in solving the right problems.
  • Choose decisions over outcomes – We focus on improving our decision-making quality instead of fixating on immediate outcomes.
  • We work smart and hard – We view working “smart” as just the start. Working smart and hard drives improvements and accelerates career growth.
  • Empowerment over control – We hire world-class talent and trust each individual to make decisions in their area of responsibility.

How we make it worth it

We are proud of what we have started and are full of excitement about welcoming new members to our team. We also understand the importance of creating value to each individual within our team and believe that this opportunity can provide that in multiple ways.

  • We are building a new organization with solutions and technologies that are at the forefront of Global Banking practices.
  • We are using the most modern, cloud-native technologies available in the market worldwide.
  • We have already set-up the base for this new organization and have 100+ people working on building it, backed by strong investments.
  • This is a rare opportunity to partake in building a bank with state-of-the art technology from scratch.

How to apply

To apply for this opportunity, please send your resume to: or call +36301162335 for more information.


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