UX Researcher

It’s time for banking to change. 

UX Researcher


You will work in our experienced researcher team to create a deep understanding of people, their expectations, and needs and help us identify the real problems to solve – so we can build an experience that helps our customers live a healthier financial life.

As part of an agile multidisciplinary team, you will be part of the production of design research outputs. You will work closely with other researchers, product designers, UX writers, developers and others designing the bank of the future.

 About the role:

  • Be capable of running in-depth research studies, comfortable with metrics, and synthesizing and presenting many data.
  • Support design and product teams to design breakthrough digital propositions that create value for people.
  • Align user research plans and activities with organizational objectives and priorities.
  • Share insights with the organization and externally in creative ways to increase empathy and stakeholder engagement.
  • Soft skills: You’re proactive, adaptable, humble with a positive mindset.

Key Requirements

  • You’ve been conducting research for at least 2 years.
  • You’re comfortable working with qualitative and quantitative methods, and you enjoy in-depth interviews, remote research, ethnographic studies, usability testing, surveys.
  • You exactly know how to connect different sources of insight to provide a fuller picture of the truth.

What we offer

  • An entrepreneurial, creative and international team based in Budapest.
  • A chance to be part of a new digital bank building.
  • Plenty of opportunities for professional and personal development.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Competitive salary.


We have worked extremely hard to build a talented, diverse, and inclusive team. As an organization, we perform within a set of core values that inform both our priorities and the way we work together 

  • Embrace the difficult path – We think beyond shortcuts and invest in solving the right problems. 
  • Chose decisions over outcomes – We focus on improving our decision-making quality instead of fixating on immediate outcomes. 
  • We work smart and hard – We view working “smart” as just the start. Working smart and hard drives improvements and accelerates career growth. 
  • Empowerment over control – We hire world-class talent and trust each individual to make decisions in their area of responsibility.


We are proud of what we have started and are full of excitement about welcoming new members to our team. We also understand the importance of creating value to each individual within our team and believe that this opportunity can provide that in multiple ways

  • We are building a new organization with solutions and technologies that are at the forefront of Global Banking practices.
  • We are using the most modern, cloud-native technologies available in the market worldwide.
  • We have already set-up the base for this new organization and have 100+ people working on building it, backed by strong investments
  • This is a rare opportunity to partake in building a bank with state-of-the art technology from scratch

To apply for this opportunity, please send your resume to spiller.laszlo@magyarbankholding.hu or call +36301162335 for more information.

Watch this video for a short presentation of the role: https://youtu.be/t2Yfu2qHDhw


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