Oracle Engineer

GRP IT Recruitment is looking for an Oracle Engineer for Europe’s leading financial group that develops innovative banking and insurance services.

The job:

  • Maintain frameworks and scripts.
  • Adjust frameworks and scripts to new Oracle versions.
  • Participate in projects, on technical or application level.
  • Help the application teams solving their Oracle issues.
  • Investigate performance issues.
  • Propose actions to the application teams.
  • Support the team build effective queries.
  • Keep the environment up and running.
  • Daily checks, proactive actions in case of technical changes in datacenter.
  • Follow up security recommendations (proactively and reactively)
  • Minimize the operational risk.
  • Maintenance of all Oracle frameworks.
  • Work with all systems interfacing with the Oracle database, such as Centrify, UAC, Cyberark, VMWare, Bladelogic, SNOW.
  • Life cycle management of all Oracle database products.
  • Building, testing, rollout (using Bladelogic), communications, follow up of version updates.
  • Describing the requirements to the end point packaging team.
  • Testing and following up package version updates.
  • Backup and recovery of all data on the Oracle servers.
  • Participate in the DRP exercises and do the necessary actions as required by the general DRP scenario.
  • Perform capacity management.
  • Linux system management for the servers in scope of the database team.

The requirements:

  • Senior Oracle DBA knowledge.
  • Active Perl knowledge: the ability to read, understand and debug existing code, as well as write new code.
  • Enough Linux experience to do system management on servers.
  • Knowledge of the following products:
    • UAC,
    • Bladelogic,
    • OUD.

If you are interested in the opportunity, apply here:

Recruitment license number: 10097-1/2012-0100-848

Watch this short video message for the salary range and more details about the requirements:

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Recruitment license number: 10097-1/2012-0100-848


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