Windows System Engineer

GRP IT Recruitment is looking for a Windows System Engineer for Europe’s leading financial group that develops innovative banking and insurance services.

The job:

  • Manage the world of a digital workplace.
  • Help steer the digitalization of employees.
  • Support O365 applications.
  • Grow in digital collaboration using the digital footprint.
  • Support the use of digital tools.
  • Build and maintain the IT systems.
  • Ensure the security and robustness of systems and applications.
  • Build a future proof environment.
  • Mobile contract support, printing support, laptop management.
  • Platform testing, test automation and operations.

The requirements:

  • Strong problem solving skills in Windows environment.
  • Take ownership of the stability, performance and security of services.
  • Implement new services within a Windows environment.
  • Knowledge of software distribution tools.
  • Desktop management:
    • peripheral driver management,
    • GPO Management.
  • OS Management experience.
  • M365 experience (Cloud, Intune, Azure, etc.)
  • Strong security skills.
  • Expert level in Windows operating systems (WIN10-11).
  • Powershell scripting and query languages (SQL, KQL).

If you are interested in the opportunity, apply here:

Watch this short video message for the salary range and more details about the requirements:

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Recruitment license number: 10097-1/2012-0100-848


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