Angol nyelvű motivációs levél

January 1, 2006

Maria Taylor
72579 Greene Common
Arlington, TX 76016

Dear Ms. Taylor:

Please accept this letter as an application for a project manager/deployment specialist career with __________, advertised in __________. My confidential resume is enclosed for review and consideration, and I believe you will find me well-qualified.

Detailed on my resume is a solid, successful background in the __________ field with vast experience in design, development, implantation, sales and applications support. My credentials and achievements are a matter of record. I have expertise in strategic development and implementation, on-site project management and administration, pre-sale strategies, training, and account development.  I have a strong understanding of process gap analysis and optimization, and an ability to adapt to different cultures both domestically and abroad.

I am anxious to focus the next stages of my career on challenges presented by a dynamic company such as __________. I feel I am well-qualified to hit the ground running if chosen for your position and would greatly appreciate an opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss both the position and how my skills and background can be adapted to fit your corporate objectives.

I think you’ll find that my salary requirements are flexible enough, depending on benefit structure, responsibility, and advancement opportunities. I will be happy to discuss specifics with you if selected for an interview.

Please contact me at __________ to arrange a confidential meeting at your first convenience. Thank you for your consideration; I look forward to hearing from you.


Drew Sterling


Source: Carrier Partners International

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    Szeretnék minél hamar alapfokon megtanulni angolul. Köszönöm előre is.

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