Unix Engineer

Üzleti IT infrastruktúra fejlesztéséhez keresünk

  • Unix Rendszermérnök

munkatársat, budapesti munkavégzésre.

The job:

  • Unix/Linux infrastruktúra Designing and implementing Linux infrastructure for distributed systems.
  • Evaluation, certification, integration, and maintenance of various products, including hardware, operating systems such as Red Hat Linux and Solaris, system services (DNS, DHCP, NIS), filesystems (including AFS, NIFS and various cluster filesystems), virtualization technologies and a variety of in-house developed tools.
  • Architecting systems, providing high-availability with very fast failover times, at low cost.
  • Designing and implementing management solutions for a large-scale widely distributed installation of standalone servers, high-availability clusters and grids.
  • Troubleshooting problems escalated from experienced system administrators.

The Requirements:

  • Good understanding of UNIX system fundamentals.
  • Strong programming skills (Perl, Python, shell), writing secure, testable, robust code.
  • Experienced UNIX System Administrator (RedHat Linux and/or Solaris preferred).
  • Effective troubleshooting skills and practical experience with system programming (network/socket, IPC, threads).
  • Good knowledge of network protocols.
  • Working knowledge of Solaris and/or Linux kernels.
  • Experience with clustering/high-availability architectures.
  • Knowledge of virtualization technology.
  • C programming experience to read source code and apply path fixes.
  • Experience with SQL and database programming.
  • Knowledge, awareness and contributor to open source projects would be an ideal fit.


  • IT programmer / Developer
  • Network and system engineer
  • System integrator


  • Budapest

How to apply:

  • If you are interested in the position, please send your CV to Mr. László Spiller: laszlo.spiller@adecco.com
  • or call +36 30 981 0403.

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